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Flat Roofing

While most people only think of

commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings when they talk about "flat" roofs, we at Schroeder Roofing know better. Many homes in the Midwest have sections of flat roof, and depending on the slope or architectural specifics EPDM rubber or self-adhesive rolled roofing may be required.

Let our team give you the expert install you deserve!

With a high-level of flexibility, a seamless finish, and an extended lifespan of up to 50 years, EPDM material is the most advanced and modern option for flat roofing needs. It is easy to clean, has little to no maintenance, and has a relatively short install time.

Whether you have a commercial space or a residential home, that requires flat roofing, let Schroeder Roofing be the first company you contact.

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